From 24 to 26 October 2015 a MINATURA2020 workshop was held in Lisbon, Portugal, with the aim of informing Portuguese stakeholders on the project scope and facilitating discussions on experiences in land use planning and mining in Portugal between stakeholders, members of the MINATURA2020 Advisory Board and consortium partners.
In the first workshop session the project coordinator gave an overall presentation explaining the background and aims of MINATURA2020 and the current state of the project activities. Portuguese representatives provided examples on land use management in Portugal and on how geological knowledge is integrated in land use planning in order to ensure the access to mineral resources. A presentation about land use planning inside a Portuguese natural park situated in a Natura2000 classified area illustrated very well how environmental, social and economic issues can be balanced, creating win-win solutions for all stakeholders involved.
On 25 October the methodological approach of MINATURA2020 and the role of stakeholders were highlighted. Participants agreed that compatibility matrices with different land uses are a good starting point and that it is essential to use a wide approach on the definition of Mineral Deposits of Public Importance (MDoPI) in order to accommodate demand changes driven by technological advances.
Participants concluded:
• That a policy framework and a mineral knowledge base are critical pillars to ensure access to Mineral Deposits of Public Importance;
• The use of compatibility matrices for different land uses is a proper tool to develop a pan-European approach;
• A consistent involvement of local stakeholders is essential.
The workshop ended on 26 October with a field trip to a Natura2000 area where dimension stone quarries are in operation thanks to a good balance between exploitation and restoration activities, ensuring the protection of the natural ecosystems, the best use of natural resources and local social and economic development.