The MINATURA2020 project finalised at the end of January 2018. In order to highlight its main outcomes a social media campaign, #MeetMinatura, was carried out during the last week of January. The main achievements and results of the project were presented in five different social media cards and were promoted through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from Monday to Friday. Each of these cards was focused in one of the workpackages. The last day of the campaign the official video of the project was published again to finalise the campaign. If you missed the social media campaign, you can check all the factsheets here and find the summary here below:


: Stakeholders were involved in the challenging process of defining “Mineral Deposits of Public Importance” (MDoPI) &  


: A thorough analysis of the current mineral policy in Europe was carried out &  


: Most prominent future changes, based on modelling, are: the increase in built-up area and the decrease in cropped land   &


: A ground-breaking definition of Mineral Deposits of Public Importance (MDoPI) was delivered   &


: A list of potential protected areas was created for the different case-study countries  , &  WP4 Factsheet


Learn more about the outcomes of the MINATURA2020 project watching this video: