The first UK national workshop within the MINATURA2020 project was organized on 7th and 8th of March 2016 in Cardiff, Wales. Representatives of the minerals industry, local administration, environmental sector, academia and research institutions deliberated on the range and significance of mineral resources within the UK and the EU; those issues causing difficulties in accessing such resources; and the proposed EU wide concept of Mineral Deposits of Public Importance (MDoPI). They highlighted the need to more fully include planning for minerals supply into the overall spatial/land use planning procedures (particularly in regarding to preventing unnecessary sterilisation of mineral resources), and at the same time urged for more effort to be invested in activities that will improve the awareness and understanding of the importance of minerals in such procedures and across the society at large. Participants had the opportunity to discuss MDoPI in relation to the EU sustainable development approach in terms of cyclic economy and sustainability goals, discovering there is still a lot of work to be done in order to fully understand and, vitally, explain the essential, pervasive, but complex relationship between mining and the totality of economic and social development across the EU and in each member state.